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ProFlex PCR System

Veriti Thermal Cycler

SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler

GelView 1500 Pro Automated Gel Imaging System

GelView 5000 Pro Automatic Gel Imaging System

GelView 1500Plus Smart Gel Imaging System

GelView 6000 Pro

GelView 6000M Multifunctional Image Station

ImageXpress Micro Confocal

ImageXpress Micro 4

qNano - Gold

MaxTwo Multiwell MEA


BD Rhapsody Single-Cell Analysis System

Seahorse XFe24/96 Analyzer

Seahorse XFp Analyzer

AniView100 In vivo Animal Imaging System

PlantView100 In vivo Plant Imaging System

FIVE2 (ViewnVivo) system

Xstrahl CIX2 X-ray irradiator

EchoMRI series

CLAMS Animal Monitoring System

Nexus 128

PXi X-RAD 320

KaPa Magnetic beads purification

KAPA 接头(Adapter)试剂盒

KAPA LibQuant

KAPA HyperPrep Kit


KAPA HyperPlus kit

KAPA RNA HyperPrep kit

CelMate CO2 Incubator (General Purpose)

Esco direct heating CO2 incubator

Esco CelCulture carbon dioxide incubator

Esco Viva Universal Animal Handling Safety Cabinet

Labculture B2 secondary biological safety cabinet

Labculture A2 Microbiological Safety Cabinet

Airstream B2 Microbiological Safety Cabinet

Esco Airstream A2 Microbiological Safety Cabinet

About Us

Guangzhou Yunxing Scientific Equipment Co.,Ltd., is a supplier of professional instruments and reagents in the field of scientific experiments.The company is headquartered in guangzhou.

Guangzhou Yunxing Scientific Equipment Co.,Ltd., for the greater China headquarters in guangzhou, in recent years, company has been developing rapidly, has set up offices in guangdong, wuhan, guizhou, guangxi, is about to establish an office in Beijing, chengdu and other places, krestin main business scope is medicine, biological engineering, molecular biology, chemical, material science and other scientific research projects, such as biochemistry, agriculture, environmental protection and quality control, etc.The market distribution is Hong Kong and mainland China.In addition, yunxing also supplies a variety of medical and research instruments, consumables and reagents for the Hong Kong market to private and public clinical laboratories.Yunxing not only provides the world's most advanced scientific research equipment for scientific research in universities, hospitals, laboratories and industrial fields, but also provides professional after-sales service to customers.Yunxing agent world famous manufacturers, and has a strong sales expertise, enjoy a good reputation in the industry.

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